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Breastfeeding can be such a wonderful experience for you and your baby. It is very common to experience challenges when you are just getting started. Many women also have questions that arise further down the road as their breastfeeding journey unfolds.  You are not alone. I am happy to provide support in the comfort and convenience of your own home in the Charleston, SC area or via a Skype or phone consultation.

I am a licensed speech-language pathologist who specializes in infant feeding and a certified lactation counselor. Most importantly, I am mother to three (not so little any more) children whom I had the joy of breastfeeding. My blend of professional training and personal experience enables me to assist with even the most challenging of circumstances. Most often in just one or two sessions, breastfeeding issues can be resolved or signficantly redirected.  My goal is to support you in a positive and enjoyable breastfeeding experience!  I would consider it my privilege to assist you.  Please email or call to schedule.

Tiffany Taylor MS, CCC-SLP, CLC


“Tiffany expertly guided me through each challenge and transition I faced while breastfeeding my first baby. She helped me get off the nipple shield, relieve a clogged duct, increase my supply and modify my breastfeeding schedule when I began a new job which required me to travel. My goal was to breastfeed my baby for at least a year and each time I feared I was going to have to give it up, Tiffany equipped me with both the tools and the confidence to continue in a way that fit both my lifestyle and my breastfeeding goal. In addition, she possesses a non-judgemental, mom-friendly mannerism is highly accessible and responsive to her clients through her in-home consultations and via phone, email and text. I recommend Tiffany to any mom who wants to resolve a breastfeeding issue and look forward to working with her again if I am blessed with more children in the future”!                               Ashley W. (Downtown Charleston)

“Tiffany was such a God send after  5-6 weeks of exasperated assistance from the hospital lactation staff.  My local La Leche league Facebook page turned me onto Tiffany, since she has a background mouth/lip ties.  My son had had a lip tie recently revised by a local pediatric dentist. She helped me diagnose he also had a tongue tie and it was revised and all was up hill from there. Tiffany was so patient in assisting me with proper technique for my body based on flow of the milk I produce (or should I say overproduced), size of baby’s mouth and exercises I could use to help with baby’s new tongue range of motion.  She is one of the reasons I was successful in breast feeding for 16 months to my son.  I am ever so grateful to her words of encouragement when I was at my wits end and ready to quit.  I did it!  Thank you for helping me provide the best nourishment and the wonderful bonding experience of breastfeeding with my baby.  Should we need any assistance with speech with my son, I won’t hesitate to call on her for help”.  Renee A. (Mount Pleasant)